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Commercial Real Estate Services

Land Sales San Antonio

As the saying goes, “Under all is the land.” Investment Realty Company is an expert in land sales in the San Antonio metropolitan area. We carry decades of experience in identifying the best tracts and locations for our clients who are interested in buying, developing, and investing in commercial-use land.

As an expert in land sales, we help developers and end-users s to find the ideal location for their next project. We then work closely with our client-buyers, their civil engineers, attorneys, environmental engineers, along with city departments for development and zoning, drainage approval, traffic approvals, and all the complex requirements that must be satisfied before a project can be started. Developing commercial-use land in Texas is an incredible undertaking which we are well equipped to help you take on. When it comes to problem-solving and weaving through the red tape, we’ve got you covered. 

Land sales in San Antonio is our expertise. Therefore, we are experienced in all areas of commercial-use land and ready to assist you as you embark on your next land development project in San Antonio and surrounding areas. 

Specific areas of commercial-use land in which we are experienced in selling and developing.

Services Include:

  • Single Family Subdivision Development
  • Apartments
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Centers
  • Retail Pad Sites
  • Industrial Parks
  • RV Parks
  • Recreational Ranches

Please call on Investment Realty Company, the experts in commercial-use land sales and development to help you find the best location for your next opportunity in San Antonio and surrounding areas.